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Ÿuma Invites Ricardo Villalobos, SI, And MoM To Remix ‘Smek’

Ÿuma invites Ricardo Villalobos, SI, and MoM to remix ‘Smek’

The remixes will be released via Crosstown Rebels.

Tunisian alternative music duo Ÿuma released their track ‘Smek’ in 2016, and it was featured on their debut album ‘Chura’, which received rave reviews. Now, almost 5 years later, we can hear a series of three remixes made by Ricardo Villalobos, SIS, and MoM for this track.

Thus, with the participation of these prominent heavyweights in the house, techno, and minimal scene, Ÿuma seeks to reinvent itself in this new year with this series of timeless remixes.

‘Ÿuma – Smek (Remixes)’ will be released on January 22nd on Crosstown Rebels.

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