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‘A Little More Conversation’ Premieres Episodes With Fatboy Slim, The Black Madonna And Pete Tong

‘A Little More Conversation’ premieres episodes with Fatboy Slim, The Black Madonna and Pete Tong

The new podcast creates connections between electronic artists with friends and collaborators.

A new web show presented by the journalist and A&R Ralph Moore entitled ‘A Little Moore Conversation’ has kicked off. The special guests on the first three episodes are Fatboy Slim, The Black Madonna, and Pete Tong.

The first installment was recorded in Brighton, Fatboy Slim‘s spiritual home. The renowned electronic music producer talks to British artist Mark Vessey about various things in his life, including his love for collecting records.

The second episode features The Black Madonna alongside Philli Boyle, founder of UK charity Choose Love, and Aloysius Sali, founder of LGBTQ + Say It Loud refugee organization. In the third episode, Pete Tong talks to Stuart Price, triple Grammy winner, also known as Jacques Lu Cont.

The mentioned episodes are already available via Spotify, iTunes and YouTube. It was revealed that Erol Alkan, Kölsch, and Cassy will also be invited in future editions

Listen to the first three episodes of ‘A Little More Conversation’ below.

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