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Ae:ther Shows A More Intimate Side With His NO ID Label

Ae:ther shows a more intimate side with his NO ID label

Photo Credit: Kieran Behan

The new imprint is exclusively at Bandcamp.

Italian DJ, producer, and live artist Ae:ther released a new ‘mini-label’ called NO ID. In this new brand, the artist will showcase tracks that he likes to produce but that are not part of other productions.

‘Beginning today, I will start sharing music and memories on my new Bandcamp page. From time to time I will post exclusive tracks that have never been released before. Many of those songs I have been writing over the past few months, during confinement, but I will also show others that I will produce in the future. I want you to have those (sometimes different and not just 4/4) pieces of music that I love to produce’, said Ae: ther about his new project.

NO ID 01 is now available, listen and buy below.

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