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Dominik Eulberg Presents Game Card To Create Ecological Conscience

Dominik Eulberg presents game card to create ecological conscience

Photo Credit: Kescher Punk

The German musician fuses his passions to cultivate respect for biodiversity.

DJ and producer Dominik Eulberg, also known for his role as a biologist and ecologist, once again celebrates the nature and importance of biodiversity. On this occasion, extending the message of his new album ‘Mannigfaltig’, consisting of twelve tracks representing twelve different species, has decided to launch a 24-piece card game inspired by 12 pairs of those same species.

Each game card includes a fascinating fact about the animal, with information written in both, English and German. Through this card game, the artist seeks to create direct awareness about these species and the importance of maintaining the planet’s biodiversity. Each complete game brings a code to download the album in digital format.

In addition to the launch of the card game, Eulberg also published a music video in collaboration with macro-photographer Thorben Danke for his track ‘Eintagsfliege’. This piece, in which the smallest details of nature are made visible, was already recognized by the United Nations Decade on Biodiversity, as “an exceptional contribution”, and also received recognition from the Federal Agency for Nature Conservation

You can buy the game here and watch the video below.


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