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EG SPOTLIGHT.171 Javier Duque

Javier Duque is an empirical musician from Cartagena, Colombia. With more than 3 decades in the industry and Djing since 1985, he is a pioneer of the “underground” scene in his country.

His love for music since he was a child has led him to participate in projects as a sound engineer and producer in different musical genres ranging from Colombian folklore to electronic music played in clubs around the world.

01. Solaris – Javier Duque
02. Roots – Sahar Z
03. La esperanza/Claptone
04. Fixity – Tantum
05. Superstition – Shai T
06. 4 Shadows – Jamie Stevens
07. Just stop – Gai Barone,luke Brancaccio
08. Amoureux – Nossia
09. Winder – Durante
10. Satellite Girl – Lee Burridge
11. Without – Felicia Douglass

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