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EG SPOTLIGHT.207 Kylian Lake

Kylian Lake’s new EP ‘Nuclear’ is out now via Uxoa Dutxa Elite. Grab your copy here.

Born in Brazil, Kylian Lake is giving a new direction to his project this year 2022, as an artist, he has productions that make full connections with the soul of his listeners. His sound is always based on a story, a deep connection to his emotions.

His love of music is very precise and mistic in your sound design, Kylian Lake had two of his latest releases ‘Nuclear’ and ‘Say Goodbye’ on Beatport’s Tops Release.

His biggest goal is to take his work to true electronic music lovers through his melodies.

01. Kylian Lake- Nuclear
02. Kylian Lake – Lestrange
03. Kylian Lake – Ancient Scarab
04. Kylian Lake – ID (unreleased)
05. Kylian Lake – CRUCIATOS (unreleased)
06. Kylian Lake – IMPERIUS (unreleased)
07. Macarronica (CH) – Magic Connection
08. Kylian Lake – ISIS LUV (unreleased)
09. Kylian Lake – WALKING AWAY (unreleased)
10. Kylian Lake – TOGETHER (unreleased)
11. Kylian Lake – Say Goodbye (Original Mix)
12. Kylian Lake – Distance
13. Kylian Lake – ROOHI (unreleased)
14. Kylian Lake, Kolondria – This Is Samba (Original Mix)
15. Kylian Lake – Die

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