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Deefo is a talented DJ and music producer from Indonesia based in Copenhagen. His tracks are best described as purely groovy music with a touch of house, and somehow, he always manages to put in that techno feel in his set. The artist’s musical perspectives have taken him to where he is right now.

Deefo is very well known for creating abundant ideas within his music. His passion for this industry led him to compose various singles, remixes, and EPs. As an electronic music producer, his tracks have been released under well-known labels worldwide, such as DIRTYBIRD, Gruuv, NOPRESET, Terminal Underground, Erase Records, CUFF, Freakin909, W&O Street Tracks, Clipp.Art etc.
Deefo’s musical perspective has taken him to where he is right now.

His set is mainly influenced by many great House and Techno DJs, especially Jackmaster, Catz ‘n Dogz, and Patrick Topping. Deefo finds that these 3 magnificent DJs brought a fresh airwave to the House and Techno scene with their unusual sound of dance music. Deefo’s musical vision of local house music brings him to further understanding of this music. That’s what takes him to the sound of House and Techno. That is why he fell in love and dedicated his musical to dance music. With his smooth mixing and fantastic sound control, Deefo has changed the local house scene since early 2005. Bringing uplifting House and Techno… With, of course, that catchy element.

01. Retrogott – Like This (Damiano von Erckert Remix)
02. Andras – Honeybird (Eden Burns Remix)
03. Rhode & Brown, Kid Simius – Eurostar (Jex Opolis Remix)
04. The Trip – Don’t Panic
05. Hiver – The Initiative
06. Rossi. – Get On The Floor
07. Deefo – You Got Me
08. Deefo – Inner City Riots
09. Deefo – Ghetto
10. Matias Aguayo – El Camarón (Nick León 2023 Murky Mix)
11. Serge Santiago – Atto d’amore (Dub Version)
12. Deefo – Play This Jack (Unreleased)
13. Emma B – Meltinglove (Edit)
14. Scuba – Room With A View
15. STEF. – Guided Cells
16. Nacho Marco – Outside

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