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EGLO.013 Jim Breese

The vintage specs and razor-sharp fashion sense of Jim Breese scream bohemian hip. He’s a DJ-producer with a progressive and musical vision, one that is eternally evolving, maintaining a sharp focus on what’s aurally ‘happening’.

The executive producer of the Balearic album and acclaimed KU DE TA compilation series possesses a deep knowledge of both club and sunset-oriented sounds, his firm grasp of what is currently cool and credible have made him a highly trusted curator for other leading compilation series, including serving up sounds for Ministry of Sound, plus his own new Balearic imprint. A surge into music making has led to remixes for other artists, though his own more chilled productions are currently gaining serious momentum.

A youthful Jim kicked off his pro DJ career in amazing style, when – still a teenager – he launched into a remarkable daily residency at Café Mambo – Ibiza’s seminal clubbing and sunset bar. Here, for three years, he’d spin for eight hours each day, then be joined by the World’s greatest DJs at night – a sensational steep learning curve!

Whilst still regularly wowing crowds from sunset to sunrise on that remarkable party isle, Jim’s guest DJ credentials have seen him circumnavigate the globe time and again, both in his own right, plus as long-time musical flag-bearer for the iconic Hed Kandi brand. So many of the best clubs on Earth have been left thoroughly rocked in his wake!

01. Gryningen — Tvo Kvarter Fran Vintergaten — Aficionado
02. Wolf Muller & Cass — Applepie Dreams — International Feel
03. Horsebeach — Midnight Part 2 — Balearic 2
04. Cantoma — Vialas Journey — Highwood Recordings
05. Steve Cobby & Rich Arthurs — Bushfarmer — Aficionado
06. CFCF — Pleasure Centre (Pharaohs Remix) — International Feel
07. Vakula — Joiwind — Leleka
08. Blank & Jones — Nothing Can Come Between Us (Special Version) — Soundcolours
09. Dip In The Pool — On Retinae (West Version) — Music From Memory
10. Bar — Anjali Reverse (Pharaohs Remix) — Italic
11. Mark Barrott — Cascades — International Feel

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