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EGLO.065 Atelier

Atelier’s latest album, ‘Lights Towards The Exit’, is now available for streaming and download. Click here to listen.

“As live musicians, most of our time is spent practicing with our instruments or learning new production methods, however Jaś has been collecting records for most of his life and Alexander has a long history of music discovery and DJing. It’s safe to say that we’re both music lovers who appreciate all genres and our love for digging only seems to grow with age. We’re both kids of the 90’s, hence a track like Scorpio by Hoodie X James K made its way into the mix because of this nostalgic throwback vibe with the tape saturated drums and ‘Enya-esque’ floating vocals. Growing up together in Cape Town, we were actually in rival indie-punk bands at one point – luckily we settled our differences and decided to make music together – but the additions of tracks like Steamroller by feeble little horse and So different by Eterna are essential to our DNA as a group because both of these tracks remind us of where we come from. And obviously Dean Blunt, because, Dean Blunt. ” – Atelier

Childhood friends from Cape Town, South Africa, Alexander Inggs and Jaś Miszewski’s band ‘ATELIER’ is a platform for combining their musical backgrounds—a drifting blend of indie, electronica, and synthpop with the occasional 4/4 dance groove.

Their first 10-track LP entitled Varsam Court features the indie hit “Can I Speak,” which has garnered over a million streams and counting. Their music has been supported across a multitude of platforms and mediums such as BBC Radio 1, filmmaker Remi Molettee, choreographer Francesco Misceo, and featured in the game Grand Theft Auto (GTA).

After playing festivals and clubs across Europe and in their home country of South Africa for the past few years, the duo returned to their studio and began work on their second full-length LP, Lights Towards The Exit. ATELIER has designed a live show suited to concert venues and clubs alike. Incorporating guest musicians and their visual aesthetic, they express their shared love for analog instruments and the reinterpretation of popular songwriting techniques, traversing a vast array of sonic inspiration, which is revealed in their captivating performances.

01. Nueen – Dome
02. Atelier – Lights Towards The Exit
03. Hoodie X James K – Scorpio
04. HTRK – Wet Dream
05. Gaika & Dadras – Spectacular Anthem
06. MMM (Errorsmith & Fiedel) – When Does Ghosting End
07. Froid Dub – First Floor
08. 7038634357 – Flashlight
09. feeble little horse – Steamroller
10. Eterna – So different
11. Dean Blunt – DASH SNOW
12. Two Lone Swordsman – Constant Reminder
13. Atelier – Talk To Her
14. MPU101 – J800latinGrass
15. Atelier – Ritual
16. Shlomo – Heaven Inc.
17. Atelier – Metal Head

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