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URBS’ album ‘Geheimland’, which takes the listener on a journey through a secret world of the imagination where things are not what they seem, is now available via Compost Records. Stream and buy here

Urbs is an Austrian producer and musician who has been creating unique and diverse music for over two decades. He started out as a music fanatic and soon became part of the blossoming HipHop scene in Vienna, contributing to the radio program of legendary impresario Werner Geier aka Demon Flowers. Urbs’ musical style was heavily influenced by Kenny Dope, Todd Terry, and Armand Van Helden’s HipHop releases, and his work with Cutex was seen as one of the precursors of Triphop. His first solo album was released on G-Stone Recordings in 2005, and he has since produced other musicians like Austrian MC Skero, released EPs of instrumental HipHop, and worked on film music for various directors and commercials.

In 2020, Urbs reconnected with his roots and produced “Geheimland,” an album that takes us to the secret land of our imagination where things are not as they seem. Using obscure samples as well as traditional instrumentation for his impressionistic instrumental pieces, Urbs creates his very own musical language. His collaborations with MCs and singers from around the world have garnered success on alternative radio in central Europe. With over two decades of experience and a diverse musical background, Urbs continues to create unique and inspiring music.

Music that influenced “Geheimland”

01. Pierre-Alain Dahan & Pierre Dutour – Grand Air
02. Eden Ahbez – Full Moon
03. Udo Lindenberg – In den dunklen tiefen Gängen der Vergangenheit
04. Andy Loore – Water Show
05. Jacky Giordano – Plink
06. Mystic Moods Orchestra – First Day Of Forever
07. Yusef Lateef – Dopolous
08. Rafiq Babayev – Night Conversation
09. Lee Mason – Shady Blues
10. Spacemen 3 – How Does It Feel
11. Raekwon – Wisdom Body
12. Group Home – Interlude
13. Beatnuts – Smoke That
14. Buck 65 – Wildlife
15. Roland Kovac – String Fever
16. Letta Mbulu – Pula Yetla
17. Spring – Sweet Mountain
18. Depeche Mode – Blue Dress
19. Klaus Nomi – Keys Of Life
20. Joe Haider – Trapped
21. Gang Starr – Speak Ya Clout
22. Dead Can Dance – Musica Eternal
23. The Prunes – Theme From Nowhere
24. Willie Rosario – Key Strokes
25. Lord Finesse – Skits
26. Lewis Parker – Rise
27. The Nonce – Busstops
28. Mick Karn – Language Of Ritual
29. Ash Ra Tempel – L´hiver Doux
30. Cecil Leuter – Raving Waves
31. Ennio Morricone – Preludio D´Amore

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