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EGLO.061 Boozoo Bajou

Boozoo Bajou has just unveiled their latest musical opus ‘Finistère.’ Listen here.

Boozoo Bajou, the illustrious downbeat funkster duo from Nuremberg, Germany, has been captivating audiences with their unique blend of soul, dub, jazz, Latin, and blues vibes for over two decades. Their latest album, ‘Finistère,’ just released on their own label Pilotton, is a triumphant return to their roots, reminiscent of their timeless debut album, ‘Satta.’

Boozoo Bajou’s sonic exploration began in 2001 with the release of ‘Satta’ on Stereo Deluxe Records. This iconic album catapulted them into the global limelight and cemented their reputation as genre-defining pioneers of downbeat, chillout, and lounge music.

In 2005, the duo signed with !K7 and released their second album, ‘Dust my Broom,’ featuring collaborations with renowned vocalists such as Joe Dukie, Tony Joe White, U-Brown, and Willie Hutch. Their third album, ‘Grains,’ released in 2009, showcased a more organic approach, with a diverse array of acoustic and real instruments.

In 2014, Boozoo Bajou released ‘4’ on the Apollo / R&S label, marking a fresh direction with a more complex and electronica-infused sound.

Following a five-year hiatus, the COVID-19 pandemic sparked a renewed passion for music within the duo, leading to their triumphant return with ‘Finistère.’ This album is a masterclass in sonic blending, showcasing Boozoo Bajou’s signature downtempo sound infused with elements from diverse genres.

With vocal contributions from Steve Spacek and JULES, and co-production from Fürsattl and MODALiST, ‘Finistère’ is a testament to Boozoo Bajou’s enduring creativity and their ability to innovate and captivate through their music.

We hope you enjoy this exclusive mix they’ve meticulously curated for Electronic Groove.

01. A Cloud to the Back – Sam Prekop
02. Penn ar Back – Boozoo Bajou
03. The Knot – The Still
04. The Smoke – The Smile
05. Ponta de Faca – Sessa
06. All I Ever Needed – Jonny Nash
07. Norra udden – Andreas Söderström & Rickard Jäverling
08. Tusmørke – Bremer McCoy
09. Out Of My Mind – The Zenmenn & John Moods
10. Haunted Memories – Eddie Chacon
11. Arrow Dawn – Ocras
12. Finisterre – Boozoo Bajou

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