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EGNU.051 Luck Mall

LuckMall belongs to Canalia collective where a group of artists who can`t grow up share passion for music and parties itself. He`s been listening electronic music for half of his life and found out that he doesn`t have a favorite genre. All depends on the moment mood, time of the year and place where he is. Although, his ears are directed towards Berlin rather than other capitols of club music.

Canalia has been organizing parties for many years and during that time he had chance to play side by side with djs like Âme, Ewan Pearson, KiNK, Andre Lodemann, Mosca, Marcus Worgull, Deetron and many others less known but also great.

1. Bob Holroyd – African Drug (T. Williams Remix)
2. Basti Grub – Sueno de Bailarina
3. Baba Stiltz – Aches
4. Satori (NL) – We Don’t Exist (Mario Aureo Remix)
5. Cid Inc. feat. Lank – Coronal Mass (Praveen Achary Remix)
6. Greg Parker & Terry Lee Brown Jr – Eclosion (Forteba Remix)
7. Boot & Tax – Dancin
8. Frankey & Sandrino – Starchild (Hyenah Remix)
9. Red Axes – Todum Todum
10. Voiski – Ad Infinitum
11. Sam Paganini – Sunflower
12. Spettro – Vision Board
13. Aroma Pitch – Portal (Original Mix)
14. Acid Washed – Hello Universe (Molecule Remix)
15. Retro Grade – Moda

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