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EGNU.169 Broodmare

“I love sets that have a lot of gossamer and creepy sounds. This selection was a chance to roam the pasture between dark and romantic. Here’s to a sound dream on the edge of reality. ♡ ” – Broodmare

Inspired by anything from Aaliyah to Amy Lee, murder mysteries to magical girl anime, Trinidad transplant and up-and-comer Broodmare uses her background as a poet to weave dance dreamscapes. Her ear and taste for mysterious sounds takes ravers from dim lit terraces to doom dungeons, and spans surreal catalogues across traditional and experimental techno, house and acid.

01. Radioslave – Command Z
02. Demuk – Brandy – Nothing (Demuk Edit)
03. Temudo – Tough To Say
04. Psyk – Concrete
05. FSK24 – Ghostpoint
06. Polar Inertia – Vertical Ice
07. Boston 168 – Oblivion
08. Andres Campo – Fluor
09. Ness – Perception (Original Mix)
10. Evigt Mörker – Sol som får tidens hjul att stå stilla
11. Buraki – Silk
12. Valentin Timoshin – To Sink In
13. Positive Centre – Body Molecule

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