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Navigating the delicate balance between flamboyance and subtlety, extroversion and intimacy, KUBA, the Manchester/Berlin-based producer, DJ, and singer, enthralls audiences with emotionally charged tracks, DJ sets, and a uniquely distinct voice. Characterizing his creative process as a ‘search for yet unexposed honesty,’ the young artist resists fleeting trends, seamlessly blending elements of dance music, house, breakbeat, R&B, and meticulously crafted left-field electronic sounds.

With original releases on Pete Tong’s ThreeSixZero label, airtime on BBC Radio 1 and Kiss FM, and recognition on major Spotify and Apple Music editorials, KUBA has been making waves over the past two years. Following a series of successful releases, KUBA spent much of 2023 quietly crafting his debut EP, recently unveiling the first two singles—a contagious liquid D&B-infused track, ‘CLOSURE,’ and a catchy, bouncy house heater, ‘alwayz.’ Shifting his focus to DJ-ing, KUBA’s sets embody tasteful balance, minimalism, and a deep tech vibe, occasionally embracing a more melodic approach for the perfect occasion.

Anticipated for an early 2024 release, KUBA’s debut EP promises an immersive sonic journey, delving into the artist’s profound reflections during his transformative transition from Manchester to Berlin over the past year.

01. ATRIP – In The Mood
02. Icarus – Dominoes (Extended Mix)
03. Kassian – San Junipero
04. Artslaves, Leonardo Gonnelli – 2 Pain (Rendher Remix)
05. Big Ever – Hollywood
06. KUBA – alwayz
07. O’Flynn, Frazer Ray – Love Fading
08. James Dexter – Kortal Mombat
09. Tommy Vercetti – Never Say Never
10. FLORENTIA – Control My Body
11. Turtle & Sloth – LDB
12. Aloka – Young Mighty
13. Bernando Suarez – Black Late
14. Olga Korol, Per Hammar – Beshket
15. Wapi – Don’t Go (Machine Woman Remix)
16. Jeigo – Beyond
17. Burnski – Toxic (Alternative Mix)
18. Hugo Massien – Mariana

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