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EGNU.054 Bachir Salloum

Bachir Salloum, a native of Beirut and its outskirts, was first hypnotized by music at the tender age of 13 when his older brother introduced him to vinyls-and thus it began…His love and affinity for music grew as he started mixing and DJ’ing at 16. He is known for his electronic music with a progressive feel that mixes tech and house music. This artist’s music is difficult to put into words but one can say his beats clasp with a billowing vibe that journeys through something of a tunnel of music, channeling smooth waves and heavenly notes altogether as one; making his sound one creative quest for inner flight.


In the past years, Bachir has had the opportunity to play alongside several international artists including jozif, King Unique, Hernan Cattaneo, Nick Warren, Kevin Di Serna, Eelke Kleijn, YokoO and Marcelo Vasami.

1. Christian Promme – Sarabande (Christina Loeffler Remix)
2. Luca Bacchetti – Amazon
3. Glenn Morrison, Brian Cid – The Flute
4. Enric Ricone, Danny Fernandez – Afterthought
5. Ewan Rill Feat. Fasah – My Muse (Dub Mix)
6. Silinder – Darko
7. Simos Tagias – Through the line
8. Hraach – Amapola
9. Kevin Di Serna – ID
10. Powel – Feels like earth

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