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EGNU.055 Raff Track

Raff was born in 1986, Marseille, France. Always interested by Electronic Music, and fascinated by endless possibilities of harmonies.

Raised by the underground Berlin minimal and the French Techno scene, Raff is deeply touched by the beauty of melodies within the power of techno; sounds that impacts your thoughts and your gesture around Music.

1. Breach – This Ones For You You Know Who You Were (Original Mix)
2. YokoO – You Said I Would (Jonas Saalbach Remix)
3. Kate Simko & Tevo Howard – B2. Polyphonica
4. Bambook – Analogon (Original Mix)
5. Sin Plomo – Desierto (Original Mix)
6. Blondish, ft.Shawni – Wizard Of Love (Original Mix)
7. Lanny May – Chocolate Rabbit (PHM Remix)
8. Kevin Over – Basic Cut (Original Mix)
9. Enola – A New World (David Durango Remix)
10. Pentatones – Karma Game (Steve Bug Retouch)
11. Luca Ballerini – Amore & Psiche (Original Mix)

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