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EGNU.057 Anton Moore

Anton Moore – was born in 1980, Lithuania (Klaipeda). He is one of the fastest rising djs at the moment in the coast side of Lithuania. He spends countless amounts of time searching for those musical bombs that will craft his unique sessions. Anton took an interest in music at the age of 15 and it’s no surprise as he was born in the family of musicians. It wasn’t long until Anton had fallen in love with the sounds of forward-thinking house music. His love for house music led him to be closely related to the underground musical scene in Lithuania.

From traveling and experiencing different clubs throughout the globe to his friendships with other Foreign and Lithuanian DJs and inspired by the likes such as Ricky Ryan, Steve Lawler, Tosel & Hale, Luke Fair it was only a matter of time before Anton with his strong passion for house music took to the decks himself. He made his first waves as a DJ playing at private parties. In 2012, Anton caught his first big break by playing at SKY 21 Terrace, arguably one of the most popular venue in Klaipeda. It was here that Anton Moore played with most well-known and successful Lithuanian DJs Manchini and Uncle Roll to name but a few.

1. Tierra Del Fuego (Asaga Remix) – SCSI-9
2. In My Dream (Thomas Muller Remix) – Clara Moto
3. Walk Away (Original Mix) – Bedouin
4. Kuma (Original Mix) – Canson
5. Snilloc – 800 Lesbians, Thom Yorke – The Eraser (Sasha Coma Remix, Ricky Ryan Mashup)
6. Jiri – Florian Rietze
7. Voyage To Saturn (Pazul Remix) – Felix Cage
8. Free (Original Mix) – Pavel Puh
9. Fangtango (Original Mix) – Matthew Dekay

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