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EGNU.060 Felip Rivelino

Felip Rivellino, born in Cali Colombia. Belonging and associating with Bloom Records Label has meant a way for him to express his passion and also a way to show the world and most importantly his city, the beauty that he sees in this music. Bloom Records has captivated the local and international scene with its clear concept of underground electronic music, hosting and opening gigs for international artists such as Nick Warren, John Digweed, Cassy Britton, Henry Saiz, Livio & Roby, Dave Seaman and more.

Rivellino, known for being keen in his taste for music as well as a picky explorer for quality music has been delighting peoples ears since 2010.

Now working in his first EP, he’s gotten deeper into production and live performances, full of melodies and vocals of his singer, Velveta ( This has made him and his crew one of the few pioneers in Colombia to play live gigs of electronic music.

1. Lose Again feat. Josa Peit – DrumTalk
2. Fabulous – Tony Barbato
3. Lotus Flower – Agents Of Time
4. Just Live (Teenage Mutants Remix) – Betoko
5. Cilantro – H.O.S.H.
6. Us – Several Definitions
7. Patience – Claro Intelecto
8. The Growing feat. Nick Maurer (Emanuel Satie Remix) – DJ T.
9. Astral – Tale of Us & Mind Against
10. Get Loose – Koletzki & Schwind
11. R Dalam – Jewel Kid
12. Sombra India feat. Eduardo Castillo – Sis, Eduardo Castillo

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