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EGNU.069 Beartrax

 Ever since picking up the violin 18 years ago, Ehsan (Beartrax) has experimented with a variety of instruments and styles. This included stints in orchestras, as well as jazz and metal bands.

After discovering house and techno in late 2011, he decided to get a copy of Ableton, start producing, and explore the wide realm of electronic music production, constantly experimenting to incorporate his musical background into his productions and performances.

With a performance that combines an electric violin and synths as well as productions that feature violins, guitars, and cellos and blend in his love for the aggression and melodies prevalent in heavy metal and classical music, the future is ripe for many new sounds and ideas to be explored.

As far as plans for 2016 he have EPs planned with Retune Music, John Debo’s label Mindwarp, and Miyagi’s new label Lost Diaries, as well as a track that will be released with Motek.

1. John & Matt – Tuvan (Beartrax Ambient Mix)
2. Clarian – Ver (11AM Mix)
3. Oliver Schories – The Trick
4. Guti, King Brain – Opus 1
5. Tom Flynn – Everything I Am
6. El Mundo – Diva
7. Mulder (NL) – Spectre
8. John & Matt – Tuvan (Beartrax Dub)
9. Paride Saraceni – Dissolute
10. Clarian – Space Noir
11. Dole & Kom, Seth Schwarz- Fly Bar (feat. Seth Schwarz)
12. Paul Kalkbrenner – Atzepeng

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