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EGNU.070 Mike Haddad

Mike Haddad is born and raised in Montreal, from a family of music lovers. His path to electronic music is one which is both new and still being built. As an avid old school hip-hop junkie, he developed an appreciation for wordplay, lyrical flow, and emotionally charged soulful beats. Once university came along, he had begun dabbling in the electronic music genre. Smooth electro, soulful house, and even EDM, were the first styles he was exposed to. Always curious to find something more rhythmic and refined, he started digging deeper into Techno, Deep House, and Progressive sub genres.

His insatiable desire to share this newfound passion led him to start mixing in the winter of 2014. Career has always been the priority in his life, and DJing has become this passion-filled hobby which he uses as a creative outlet. First as a consultant in Mergers & Acquisitions, and now working at a startup, Mike sees music as a cathartic, balancing component to his career-focused lifestyle. Sharing that emotionally charged dimension of his life is what keeps him hungry.

He describes his style as one which gravitates towards ambient, progressive, and sometimes haunting deep house. However, he won’t shy away from the minimal, or even darker, harder-hitting techno.

Mike is obsessed with sharing music he loves with others, and capturing the happiness of that moment. As he refines his mixing skills, and learns to use more complex equipment, he looks forward to keep the groove going.

1. Luzmila Carpilo – Wiphay Pachamama
2. Victor Norman – Mycelium (Amram Solar Fix)
3. Neil Young – My my Hey hey (Vibekat Edit)
4. Armen Miran & Hraach – Karahunj (The Prelude)
5. YokoO – Arid (Original Mix)
6. Bob Moses – Days Gone By
7. Trashlagoon – Secrets of Asura (Original Mix)
8. Gorje Hewek, Izhevski – Heimat (Original Mix)
9. Frankey & Sandrino – Save
10. Bjorn Mandry – When It Comes (Daso Remix)
11. Akase – Rust (Midland Remix)
12. Slam – Azure (Radio Slave Remix)
13. S.K.A.M. – Tibet (Original Mix)
14. Miyagi – Illusion (Soul Button Remix)


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