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EGNU.071 Johnny Vaz

Johnny Vaz has been writing and performing music with various bands and aliases for close to two decades. He has carefully blended his love for live music and electronic production over the years. A wide range of influences have made their way into Johnny Vaz’ music as well as into his performances. Whether doing a live set or DJing Johnny Vaz brings a unique vibe and mood to the room.

1. Johnny Vaz – Copycats
2. Cipy feat Kara Square – And The Warmth Comes Up
3. Fukishima – So Inagawa
4. Johnny Vaz – Knife and String
5. Marc Poppcke – Voyage
6. Johnny Vaz – Spray
7. Nina Simone (Francois K remix) – Here Comes the Sun
8. Shonky – Kotero Mi Amor
9. Johnny Vaz – Piriolo
10. Kiasmos – Lit

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