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EGNU.077 leschueft

Born in Vienna, Austria – in a French environment – leschueft’s first contact with electronic music was with the “French House” genre with artists like Étienne de Crécy, Superfunk, Stardust and Daft Punk. Somehow he slipped into the viennese Drum’n’Bass scene which got him hooked for a few years to finally make his break to Minimal back in 2007. From there it was a continuous journey towards the musical genres he listens to today, namely Electronica, Deep/Tech House and more recently Techno.

His passion and insatiable desire to find and share mesmerizing  tunes led him to start mixing in the winter of 2014. Heavily influenced and inspired by the Diynamic Crew (David August, DJ Phono, Adriatique and Kollektiv Turmstrasse) when it comes to building up a mix/set, he can’t help himself but to start with a slower tune and progressively increase the pace as he believes in the strength of a good build-up. Listen for yourself and enjoy his latest selection of tracks.

  1. Niju – Sin (LDS Live)
  2. Bill Withers – Ain’t no Sunshine (URUBU edit)
  3. Grandbrothers – Ezra Was Right (Original Mix)
  4. Christopher Schwarzwalder, Mira – Nani (Original Mix)
  5. Flight Facilities – With You feat. Grovesnor (David August Remix)
  6. Wide Awake – Verum (Original Mix)
  7. Ninze, Okaxy – Air (Original Mix)
  8. Oceanvs Orientalis – Asfour (Original Mix)
  9. Three Machines – Antara (Original Mix)
  10. YokoO – Vali (Original Mix)
  11. Radiohead, Reinier Zonneveld – Everything In Its Right Place (Reinier Zonneveld Remix)
  12. Pistazie – Enjoy the silence
  13. Karahunj (The Prelude) – Armen Miran & Hraach
  14. Nico Sun – Nomad (Original Mix)
  15. Andre Hommen – Centrifuge (Original Mix)
  16. Zone+ & Usif – So Far Away (Original Mix)
  17. Ólafur Arnalds Feat. Arnór Dan – So Far (Guy Mantzur Sleepless Mix)
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