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EGNU.085 Gullen

Gullen is a Barcelona city based DJ and producer. His music story began as a teenager after discovering artist, RJD2. Coming from classic and folk rock music heavy background, it felt like pure magic entering RJ’s mind. It all went downhill from there and started discovering all key albums and labels that would end up connecting both, organic and synthetic worlds in his head.

In 2014 After playing and sweating for many years through local city clubs under random monikers, 25-years-old Gonzalo decided it was the perfect time to start his new adventure, showing us a more mature approach on his solid roots of electronic and techno music.

Gullen has recently released on Manual and Proton Music, and his next EP will see the light around summertime, through the ever-loving Petra label. In this mix expect 70 minutes of unreleased tracks, personal music influences and his currently top tracks.

1. Astrea – Between Us (Connaisseur)
2. Lauer – Hump Acid (Lexx Remix)(Permvac)
3. Koelle – Mountains of Dewa (Needwant)
4. Gullen – Bridget’s Eternity (Unreleased)
5. Gordon – Coelacanthe (Vessels Remix)(InFine)
6. Dave DK – Kronsee (Ulrich Schnauss Mix)(Kompakt)
7. Ashworth – Launch (made of CONCRETE)
8. Bird of Paradise – Mind Like a Ring (Clouded Vision)
9. Gullen – 32 Weeks (Unreleased)
10. Sigward – Wash (Correspondant)
11. Gullen – Ursa (Marvin Horsch Remix)(Petra)
12. Rework – Acid Control (YAKAZI)
13. Slam – Human (Swayzak’s Big Smoke Rework)(Soma)
14. Dominik Eulberg – Die 3 Millionen Musketiere (Ananda’s Mix)(Traum)
15. Gullen – Bergen (Mind Field)
16. Gregor Tresher – Villa by the Sea (Break New Soil)
17. Rival Consoles – Haunt (Erased Tapes)
18. Gullen – Hekla II (Unreleased)

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