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EGNU.109 Jaime Mayer

Jaime Mayer is an electronic musician born in Guayaquil, Ecuador. His passion for music began when he was kid, learning to play several instruments, being his favorites the guitar and the piano.

At 20 years old Jaime began to play in house parties and clubs in his hometown Guayaquil, Ecuador showcasing his versatility and skills not only as a DJ but also as a storyteller.

In later years Jaime discovered his passion for production when he found himself across a Moog and a old drum machine. Since day one Jaime has been producing cutting edge house records, not leaving aside his darker alter ego also producing psychedelic and emotional techno records.

Jaime released his first EP called ‘”Recon” on Anima Somnis, one of the most prestigious labels from his hometown Ecuador. The label features artists like Matt Tolfrey, Villanova (FR), My Favorite Robot, Miguel Puente, Andre Salmon, SAAND, wAFF, Chris C and Inxec just to name a few.

Jaime’s music and lives sets are full with energy, emotions and mysticism taking unexpected turns when the crowd least expects it.

As a musician Jaime is very diverse, he doesn’t let boundaries get in his way when making records or when he’s playing them.

“It’s all about letting the music tell you a story.”

1. Stimming – Trains Of Hope (Original Mix)
2. Hosini –  Lucid Dreams (GHIZ retouch)
3. Lee Jones – Remember Tomorrow (Original Mix)
4. Stavroz – The Finishing (Viken Arman Remix)
5. Tyra, Nandu – Du (Original Mix)
6. Alexander Remus – Sheets feat. Liza Flume (Original Mix)
7. DrumTalk – Lose Again feat. Josa Peit (Original Mix)
8. Lilith (NL), Maarten Vos – Spectrum Disorder feat. Maarten Vos (Original)
9. Melokolektiv, Konvex & The Shadow – East of Eden (Original Mix)
10. Javier Orduna – Erretica (Original Mix)
11. Dead Tones – Saturns Compassion (Original Mix)
12. Kieran Fowkes, Just Her – Let Myself Go (Original Mix)

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