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Aida’s journey into the world of electronic music started early in her youth at the age of 14 with trance, funk house, and progressive house. At 15, she started renting CDJ’s and a mixer to DJ at friends’ parties. Following this time, Aida found herself deeply engulfed in the world of trip hop, listening to Massive Attack and Portishead, with the dark melancholy of the genre strongly impacting the sounds that she is attracted to today.

Her artistic vision further shaped through many musical travels, especially in San Francisco and Berlin. Aida is currently a resident at MIA nightclub in Vancouver and frequently plays at other local clubs like Celebrities, Gorgomish, and Anza.

Today, she is exploring the territory where the darker sides minimal, deep and tech house meet cultures from around the globe.

1. Unknown Artist – Voodoo Way (Edit)
2. Pony M – Shake Juice
3. Amin Ravelle – Arsland Sound
4. Camiel Daamen – Musique Concrete
5. Kaitaro – Silence of M
6. Axelle Roch, Armance, Kora Jamson – Weakness
7. Motiv – Plopii fara sot
8. Orlando Tosi – Bilaterale
9. Yes Pls – Habar n-ai tu
10. Letou – Tiero
11. Fulvio Ruffert, Gregorio Serasin – Methsoup (Nekow Remix)
12. Costin Rp – Bine

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