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EGNU.147 Rígur Lárus

Growing up as the youngest of four siblings, Rígur Lárus acquired a matured music taste rather quickly. Which propelled him into the late 90’s trance scene. To this day this musical era is still the foundation & inspiration for the music he selects for his mixtapes.

Timeless and ever effective melodies, found in various styles, is what distinguishes his mixtapes. Making them a crossover blend of various styles from older & new progressive, melodic house to melodic techno. Music discovered in different places and with that specific trance feel that emanate old sounds that marked him as a teenager.

Always striving for the perfect narrative with some raw unpolished edges.

01. Kellerkind – Blow Of Fate
02. Tunnelvisions – Tell Me When We’re There (Original Mix)
03. Moscoman feat. Wooze – Eyes Wide Strut (Tunnelvisions Remix)
04. Cortese & Hardt Antoine – Nebula
05. Kellerkind – The Rough Operator (Original Mix)
06. Dirty Doering – She Said (Original Mix)
07. Jasper Wolff – Kari
08. Rodriguez Jr. – Hausmann (Squire Vintage Remix)
09. Analog Sol – Burn The Boats (Extended Mix)
10. AFFKT – Kawsay (Original Mix)
11. Budakid – Orrery (Original Mix)
12. Whitesquare – Acid Flares
13. Glowal feat. Simon Batten – Roda (Mulya Remix)
14. Galexis – Reflection (Original Mix)
15. Innellea – Anamorfose (Original Mix)
16. Mulya – Fontane

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