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EGNU.151 Steven Lira

From the city of Angels, Steven Lira has been a key staple to the Los Angeles dance music & cultural community for 15 years while working in music, fashion, & event experiences. Growing up with influences in diverse music tastes and collecting music from all realms of genres, his variety is always evolving and always going back to his roots.

Producing events is his passion and along with that being a DJ for 15 years while being an aficionado of club culture, he has made his mark as he continues to showcase the music genres he gratefully shares with the world that resembles techno, house music, post-punk, electro, & rock n roll vibes. The music he shares goes from light to dark realities & evolves while setting the mood in an everlasting world that rides like a wave into deep space. Be ready for a dance session with Steven Lira.

01. Sobek – Geiling (Secret Fusion)
02. Upercent – Mentres Tant (TAU)
03. Skatman – Bicycle Day
04. Kate Zubok – Is It Worth It?/ СТОИТ ЛИ? (Sapiens)
05. Tsepo – Tribeca (Intercept)
06. Lehar – Sergio 1929 (Multinotes)
07. Mike Steva – Dawn of a New Day (Innervisions)
09. Highlite – Colours (PLY Music)
10. Goom Gum – Alone (extended mix) (Spinnin’ Deep)
11. Itako – Flesh And No Redemption (Franz Scala Mix) (Samo Records)
12. Pongo – Call Me (Eklektisch)
13. WhoMadeWho / Michael Mayer – Hamstring (Kompakt)
14. daniel bortz -how far can we go? (Permanent Vacation)

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