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EGNU.161 Horacio Resendiz

Born in Juarez, Mexico Horacio Resendiz started as a DJ at the young age of 15 years old. He has managed to be part of different local collectives as well as gaining respect by playing alongside international DJs during his former residency at La Serata Club.

His long-term partnership with Tenampa Recordings has allowed him to become part of the drive to release the finest releases with respectable producers around the globe.

His solid and well-detailed mixes gave him superb recognition in the electronic music scene.

01. Andy Sexton – Day 97
02. Deepear – Luckyguy
03. Timo Maas, Eric Volta – Dos Vida Loca (Original Mix)
04. Zone+ – Leviathan (Original Mix)
05. Padre, OE – Feed Your Eye (Powel Remix)
06. Basic Instinct – Feel It (Original Mix)
07. Robert Babicz – Space Funk (Timo Maas Remix)
08. Beatamines – Prophet (Original Mix)
09. Mustafa Ismaeel – Hindsight
10. Jickow – Burakumin (Robert Babicz Remix)
11. More – Smooth Movimiento
12. Pornbugs – Bodhi
13. Mustafa Ismaeel – Messing Around
14. Baardman – Cries
15. Randall Jones – Secondhand Leftovers (Timo Maas Remix)
16. Frankey & Sandino – Gridd
17. Record – Revised Pattern
18. Frankey & Sandino – Optical
19. Radeckt – The Good Mans Prey
20. Re.You – Zange

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