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EGNU.167 Byvaetzhi

Hailing from Dubai,  Byvaetzhi is a DJ who ranges from different genres of electronic music. In this session, he blends melodic and electronica sounds showcasing his mixing skills.

01. KEENE, Cee ElAssaad – Ake Yoruba (Original Mix)
02. Reve, Robin M – Through The Night (Re.You Remix)
03. Shanil Alox – I’m Too Weird (Original Mix)
04. Shahrokh Dini, Illinois – Inner Core for Love (Omer Tayar Remix)
05. Ira Ange, Sunbios – Moulin Rouge (Original Mix)
06. Dj Skif, Paysage – Blessed (Original Mix)
07. SHMIKESSS – Prism (Original Mix)
08. Aman Anand, Forty Cats – Ketatonik (Original Mix)
09. Andrew Meller – Godfather’s Dance (Original Mix)
10. Andre silva – Stop My Mind (Original Mix)
11. Florian Gasperini – Les Voies Des Fleuves Indiens (Extended Mix)
12. Dabeat, Kamilo Sanclemente – Seriously (Original Mix)
13. Doctor Dru – Trip To Bianya (Original Mix)
14. MONTA (TN) – Underher (Natasha Wax & Sony Vibe Remix)
15. Cosmonaut – Plasma (Original Mix)
16. Javier Ferreira, Mmyylo – Can’t Hear You (Original Mix)
17. Audiense, Mukk – Dark Forest (Original Mix)
18. Ucha, Close Encounters – Ad Podium (Original Mix)

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