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Katermukke Series | Justin Marchacos

Justin Marchacos’s new EP ‘Conviction’ will be available on all major streaming platforms on 29th September of 2023. Download your copy here

Justin Marchacos is the latest talent to join the ranks at KATERMUKKE with his EP ‘Conviction.’ This musical collection is a four-track masterpiece that engages the senses, filled with intricate melodies that sway and groove, basslines that pulse with power and beats that strike like a well-timed percussion.

There’s no denying the strength of this release; each track stands as a shining example of Justin’s prowess, promising a timeless quality that rivals any enduring classic.

But the story goes deeper. Justin doesn’t operate in isolation; he collaborates with Apir, the alter ego of Tim Green, on a track titled ‘Quest for the Crown.’ Apir brings a darker, more intense sound to the table, while Justin maintains his signature melodic flair and top-tier production. To add another layer of intrigue, the package includes a mesmerizing Sascha Cawa Remix that elevates the musical journey.

Justin’s journey from composing movie scores, where he created memorable emotional moments, to crafting his own energetic, bass-driven compositions is a testament to his artistic evolution. His music lights up any room he graces with its dancefloor-thumping beats and captivating melodies. Justin Marchacos is a force to be reckoned with in electronic music, inviting listeners to immerse themselves in his sonic creations.

01. Black Intro – Justin Marchacos
02. Hara – Justin Marchacos [Desert Hearts Black] – coming in Oct
03. Back to Black – Justin Marchacos (unreleased, unofficial rework)
04. Will Not Fade – Justin Marchacos (unreleased)
05. Shifted Reality – Aquarius Ezra (Justin Marchacos remix) [Lelantus Records] coming in Nov
06. Conviction – Justin Marchacos [KATERMUKKE]
07. Obsession – Justin Marchacos [Desert Hearts Black] – coming in Oct
08. Blessing – Justin Marchacos (unreleased)
09. Quest for the Crown – Justin Marchacos, Apir (Sascha Cawa remix) [KATERMUKKE]
10. Omnipotent – Justin Marchacos, Unseen. [Harabe Black]
11. Voices of Pangea – Sezer Uysal, VIIA (Justin Marchacos remix) [Positive Sounds]
12. MMXX – Justin Marchacos (unreleased)
13. The Core – Justin Marchacos [Desert Hearts Black] – coming in Oct

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