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Katermukke Series | Niconé & Dirty Doering

In an industry where fast-paced techno and high BPMs reign supreme, Niconé & Dirty Doering’s latest album, Last Exit Space’ via Katermukke, takes a refreshing departure from the norm. With a steady 111 BPM and 11 tracks that tell one captivating story through music, this album showcases the duo’s unique blend of electronic sounds, mixing driving beats with intricate melodies and dreamy atmospheres.

Last Exit Space is a testament to the power of certain moments when ideas are born – moments that can change the set course. This departure from the high BPM trend is a bold move from Niconé & Dirty Doering, but it is a clear indication of their commitment to their unique sound and their willingness to take risks and push boundaries.

The album is a journey that takes listeners on a musical ride filled with emotions, soundscapes, and ethereal vibes. Each track is crafted with precision and purpose, showcasing the duo’s exceptional talent and artistry. From the pulsating beat of “Surfing Jupiter,” to the mesmerizing melody of “No Turning Back,” to the dreamy atmosphere of “Moonchild,” Last Exit Space delivers a listening experience like no other.

Niconé & Dirty Doering have proven that sometimes, the most powerful music can be found in the spaces between the notes. Last Exit Space is a vision and a reminder that true artistry knows no boundaries, and that taking risks is the only way to break new ground. To celebrate their new Katemukke series at  Electronic Groove they made this continued mix of the album.

01. Niconé, Dirty Doering – Sunrise
02. Niconé, Dirty Doering – Los Niños de Saturno
03. Niconé, Dirty Doering – Last Exit Space feat. Odara Sol
04. Niconé, Dirty Doering – No Turning Back
05. Niconé, Dirty Doering – From Here to Moon
06. Niconé, Dirty Doering – Moonchild Feat Leonie Sky
07. Niconé, Dirty Doering- Surfing Jupiter
08. Niconé, Dirty Doering- No Taxi on Mars
09. Niconé, Dirty Doering – Southern Cross
10. Niconé, Dirty Doering – I luv the Music
11. Niconé, Dirty Doering – Du bist heute wie Neu

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