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At the age of 19, her curiosity for electronic music took her to enrich and broaden her musical universe. This curiosity started to grow and she was trained as a DJ at Level Academy, one of the best academies in Argentina.

This passion took her to focus on filling the nightclubs and as a result the growth of the electronic scene all over the city. She has played at many venues and festivals. Not only was she invited to participate in clubs or private events, but also to perform in different cities in Argentina.

As a result, her career started to grow and expand performance after performance. Playing together with important artists, Jack Mood, Lolu Menayed, Mariano Micra, Franco Cinelli, Marcelo Vasami, Blancah, Miss Melera, Kike Roldan, Archila, Octa Digio, Differ, David Primo, Desiree Falessi, Nicolás Taboada, Elio Riso, Conosur, Sharam, Mai Lawson, Bodeler, Martin Huergo, Yohoros, Sean Doron, Khen, Tomy Wahl to name but a few.

She is currently based in Miami, Florida. She continues her Dj/Producer career also B2B with performing at well-known places such as Treehouse, Boho, Do Not Sit, Negroni, Copal by Soundtuary, 1Hotel , ATV Records, The Hall, and more. She is constantly broadening and expanding her horizons.

Milagros is not only an electronic music artist, she seeks more than that, conveying emotions through music. Her sets include genres such as Deep House, House, Organic, and Progressive House. Combining as a goal her own style and Flow according to places she performs and kind of moments. She loves soft and deep melodies, joyful, subtle, and ancestral sounds. She is passionate, authentic, and energetic with true rhythm and groove.

Generating feedback with the public. She has always been connected to art and music, which is the way she found to express herself and transmit her senses, emotions, and feelings through this universal Channel.

01. Hostage – Billie Eilish (Plecta Edit 2020)
02. The Other Side – Aliens like Us (Kabi AR Remix)
03. Vibranoba – Ric Niels (Original Mix)
04. Cardace – Domingo & Kike Roldan (Original Mix)
05. Milky Way – Amonita (Original Mix)
06. About you – Alberto Hernandez Extended Mix
07. Blind Faith – Enigmatic (Original Mix)
08. Kamaksha – Dylan Deck, NOIYSE PROJECT (Oliver & Tom Remix)
09. Lonely – Gonzalo Sacc, Franco Leonardini (Original Mix)
10. Euthymia – Phandora (Jiminy Hop Remix)
11. I Feel Fine – Gorkiz, Zairi Torrez (Original Mix)
12. Shai T – Gates of Thēbai (Original Mix)
13. Delerium feat. Sarah McLachlan – Silence (Emotional Tourist 4AM Revisit)

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