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InFiné Releases ‘Music Activists 2020 (From Home)’ Compilation

InFiné releases ‘Music Activists 2020 (From Home)’ compilation

The album brings together 2 hours of new music.

Creating is resisting, that’s why InFiné announced a 34-track compilation that shows the feelings of 34 artists during confinement due to the pandemic related to the COVID-19 virus.

The list includes tracks from producers such as Carl Craig, Ital Tek, Murcof, Stimming, Nadia Struiwigh, and regular DJs from InFiné, Deena Abdelwahed, Rone, Arandel, Leonie Pernet, Aarp, and many more.

The release is now available at Bandcamp and you can buy it here from € 5 or more. In support of the artists, the price for this work is up to you.


Aarp – Éclat de verre (FR)
Almeeva – Glass Garden (Bound soundtrack) (FR)
Arandel – Capriccio (demo version) (FR)
Basile3 – Flow With Grace (FR)
Bernard Szajner – Nightmare (FR)
Boogzbrown – Kouran (FR – Reunion Island)
Bottler – Cambrian (USA – Brooklyn)
Carl Craig – Free At Last (USA – Detroit)
Cubenx – Transparent Self (MEX)
Deena Abdelwahed – Dramaserge (TUN)
Diamondstein – The Villain (USA)
Enyang Ha – Oceans (KR)
Frieder Nagel – Menschenleer (GER)
Gaspar Claus – Aux confins les étoiles dansent (FR)
Haring – Nuit Rouge (BEL)
Ital Tek – Another Life (UK)
Kajsa Lindgren – Intertwine (SE)
Kaito – Silent Cloud (SE)
Labelle – La chamane (FR – Reunion Island)
La Finca – What Clouds Say (USA/FR)
Léonie Pernet – Digital Hope (FR)
Lucie Antunes – El Amanacer (FR)
Marc Mélia – Voxes (SP)
Mischa Blanos – Geradeaus (ROM)
Murcof – Lullaby (MEX)
Nadia Struiwigh – SURiv (NL)
Rone – Nuit Blanche (FR)
Sabrina Bellaouel – Twahachtek (FR/AL)
Seb Martel & Flo – Engaño (FR/IT)
Si Begg – Phases Delay (UK)
Stimming – Peace And Ramati (GER)
Toh Imago – Esprit maison (GER)
Triola – L’Atalante infine (GER)

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