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Lee Burridge: “I Think The Magic Is Truly Created By The Community That Builds Around Things”

Lee Burridge: “I think the magic is truly created by the community that builds around things”

With a 20-year career behind the decks, Lee Burridge’s name is synonymous with charm and musical knowledge. Founding his acclaimed All Day I Dream label and parties he has continually traveled the world spreading his love for music.

We caught up with Lee to chat about his ideas, Summer season and future plans.

Electronic Groove: Hi Lee, thanks for the time to chat with us, long time! Talking a bit about your All Day I Dream parties. What do you think are the key elements to its success?

Lee Burridge: Hi guys, thanks for having me. I honestly think All Day I Dream’s success is down to a few different things. First and foremost, love. The love everyone who’s worked with me has for the project and the love the community that’s grown up around it shares. Both with us and with each other. Year after year I hear amazing stories of people meeting their partners at the event and of beautiful friendships being born. Of how the music has been cathartic in certain situations people have found themselves in and needed a place to start to heal. I’m really proud of what we’ve all created. Myself, the team and those who support us.

There were also elements such as the timing that really allowed the brand to rise. It was just time for something different and I saw that and went with what I believed in. I was also patient. I let it breathe and grow organically over the first five years. I truly believe if I’d pushed really hard we would have created something but perhaps, not what we have now. Finally, the music from all of the artists who have released on the label and play the events. Their personalities, passion, love, dreams and creativity simply shine in the music they allow me to release. It’s honest and from their souls.

EG: A few key dates are announced in September including The BPM Festival Portugal and Los Angeles. Are there any variations when playing in such different countries?

Lee Burridge: I try to keep the event’s visual continuity wherever we go. Sometimes though when we aren’t totally in the driving seat, for example, BPM in Portugal recently, other people’s vision creeps in. This has actually been magical at times and a bust at others. As for playing, whether it’s the same location or different ones there’s no plan we stick to. Myself and other artists, like Yokoo or Lost Desert, switch out set times depending on the event I never wanted a warm-up DJ or closer in the traditional sense. We are all able to play appropriately any part of the event in a way that complements the whole musical journey from the first track to the last. There are definitely certain tracks getting played at every event as I went back to the idea of building tracks into anthems that you’d associate without party but you can really be sure what part of the party you’ll actually hear them.

EG: This year ADID also launched an Ibiza’s four-date residency. In your views, is the island still “magical” place?

Lee Burridge: If you look you can find magic in many different places. Or, just take it with you and spread it yourself. I think the magic is truly created by the community that builds around things. Obviously, Ibiza is a destination and transient but magic can happen in certain moments. Lots of things can appear to be or are sold as something and they’re not but Ibiza has still got it at times. The only thing that’s different is that it’s not consistent or guaranteed. I believe it was another tough year on the island for businesses, but from the events I attended and the ones I put on there was a vibe there this Summer. Bedouin’s night is happening. Blue Marlin was a great start for us. Paradise and Jamie rock the huge crowds every week, among others.

EG: You recently played at Studio 338 in London. What can you tell us about the event? Do you feel a special connection with your Britain fellows?

Lee Burridge: I couldn’t wait to do All Day I Dream in London again. It’s our third year at the venue and it was fantastic. Unfortunately, although we were told otherwise, the Garden where the August event was supposed to happen was being monitored by the fun police and we had to have the music super quiet. We made the decision to move inside to the terrace where there were no sound issues and the party was still magical. When I played Fabric on a monthly basis back in the early 2000’s, one of my favorite things (again) was its community of loyal clubbers. Loads of them have grown up and stopped going out all the time yet still love the music. So, they’re back I see so many familiar faces again mixed with a new crowd of handsome and /or beautiful ravers. There are some cool things happening in the city, one of which is a series of events called Warm Up. Aidan Doherty is the driving musical force behind that and although I rarely invite non-label artists to play my event we had him to play too. His set was great and I think we’re going to post it on our Soundcloud soon. Only one half of Gorje and Izhevski was able to come (due to a visa issue) but Izhevski rocked it. I played after him and Yokoo slam dunked the final slot. Basically, I wish I could do one per month in my city. Soooo good.

“I honestly think All Day I Dream’s success is down to a few different things. First and foremost, love”

EG: ADE is also around the corner. What are your plans for the Dutch festival?

Lee Burridge: Eat lots of cheese. Dance to trance DJ’s and hang out in a windmill. But, seriously, I’m can’t wait to go back. I’m looking forward to catching up with a bunch of friends and artists and fans. It’s a great place to mingle. Back in August we held an All Day I Dream at the beach. The venue is called Woodstock 69 and is one of those perfect locations for us. Palm trees, cool decor and stage, the beach, the sunset and more. That event was a near perfect 10 out of 10 gig for me and I hope to reunite that same crowd as they really know how to party. I guess if they can’t come I’ll arrange to meet some of them in that windmill I was talking about above.

EG: Regarding the label, any special sneak peek you can share with us?

Lee Burridge: New music from Facundo Mohr, Death on the Balcony and a very special track by Padre called ‘Sweet Transport’ which deals with the subject of transitioning gender. Gorje and Izhevski have done a remix that’s been killing it at the parties. The original is on my five-hour mix ‘Requiem for a Daydream’ I put out in August. Oh, and I decided to do a Winter sampler in January to complement our Summer one.

EG: Let’s say we want to produce to track to be signed on All Day I Dream. What should we focus on?

Lee Burridge: Channeling your emotive honestly. Building a good groove. Some tinkly, glassy little bell sounds are always good and a baseline that makes your ass sway. Job done.

EG: With some much traveling you must some great places to enjoy a nice dinner. What would be your last supper and where?

Lee Burridge: As in, If I were about to die? Or was on death row? Dark. I think I’d go to Mogodor in the East village, New York. Spicy carrots, hummus falafel plate, their Greek salad and the amazing breads they serve. Or, In and Out burger if I were in a hurry to pop off this mortal coil (grilled cheese only).

“Life is a gift though. I’m eternally grateful for that”

EG: Can you mention three things you can’t live without on the road when touring?

Lee Burridge: My D Squared rucksack that contains everything I need in most situations. Mini iPad with Bose Noise cancelling headphones to drown out screaming children and make the hours pass a little faster. Evernote app for my ongoing To Do list and for the stream of random ideas that seem to always pop into my head on flights and in hotel room beds.

EG: What is the hardest part of being Lee Burridge?

Lee Burridge: Managing my time. I don’t see my friends or family enough, get in the studio on a regular basis or maintain a weekly exercise schedule. Oh, and finding decent food that’s not crap in airports. Mostly, life is a gift though. I’m eternally grateful for that.

All Day I Dream of ADE on October 20th. For more info click here.

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