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Listen to ‘Rebirth’, Slurm’s debut album

The album is available from January 7th.

Ecuadorian producer Joshua Gutiérrez, better known as Slurm, released his debut album, ‘Rebirth’, on his Savia Park label. The 7-track LP fuses elements of house and groovy techno, offering a variety of emotions with a fresh and dynamic sound.

Within the album, we find music that adapts and transforms to the circumstances, be it the club, festival, warm-ups, villas, house parties, all kinds of different energies, vibrations, and feelings beautifully captured by Slurm.

“This album was something I’ve been working on since the beginning of this year and ended in quarantine, it expressed a lot of the kind of music I like, trying not to follow the mainstream music, I feel there is still a place for real music. Origami Musique did the vocals from ‘Levitate’, lyrics that I wrote, a singer from Ecuador too, she is just starting her DJ and producer singer career, this is her first track released, she used to only be a singer but she found herself great in the decks. Life is beautiful, don’t waste time trying to understand it, living it is a full understanding of it”,  the artist said through his Facebook page.

Pick up ‘Rebirth’ here and listen to it below.


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