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Maga’s latest session fuses melody and emotion

EG.971 is now available via EG’s Soundcloud and Mixcloud.

DJ and producer Maga, hailing from Nice, France, has recently released his latest mix, EG.971, for Electronic Groove.

In a statement, the artist expressed his excitement about sharing this thoughtfully curated set: “This one-hour journey is dedicated to taking listeners on a melodic adventure, where each composition seamlessly blends into the next. As a DJ, my focus has always been on creating sets that evoke emotions and captivate the audience with an enjoyable listening experience, rather than solely focusing on a club-oriented vibe for a podcast.”

Maga’s approach as a DJ is centered around creating sets that evoke emotions and captivate listeners with an immersive listening experience, setting him apart from the typical club-oriented vibe. With his unwavering dedication to music and philanthropy, he has become a prominent figure in the electronic music scene.

Originally from Cape Town, Maga is a versatile musician who founded the ‘Children Of The Future’ foundation and non-profit music label. His debut album, ‘Resona’, merges jazz influences with live instrumentation and has received critical acclaim. He has also launched his own label and artist collective called SCENARIOS, collaborating with Emanuel Satie, Tim Engelhardt, and Sean Doron.

Listen to EG.971 Maga below and click here for more information.

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