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Mich IW debuts on InfraDigrecords

With early support from artists such as Danny Tenaglia, Jamie Jones, Stacey Pullen, Eddie Richards, among others.

Mexico-based imprint InfraDigrecords just presented its latest offering featuring Mich IW’s ‘Tomorrow’s Myth’.

On this occasion, the Japan-born artist, currently based in Seattle, USA, joins the Mexican crew with a 2-two track package. With early influences from Japanese folk music, his sound is recognized to have a characteristic balance as he blends deep, tech, minimal, and electro beats with cosmic distorted rhythms. This time he follows the same pattern with ‘Almost Transparent Blue’ and ‘Spy & Thrust’, both tracks included in the release

The new Infradigrecords material follows Light IDR, Jonathan Jou, and Don KX’s ‘Red Muluc’, and showcase the label’s sounds described as “not so conventional, top-notch house and techno”.

Mich IW’s ‘Tomorrow’s Myth’ is now available. Get your copy here.

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