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Solomun Unstoppable

Solomun Unstoppable

Argentina was the first stop of Solomun’s South and North American tour and we attended the Buenos Aires gig that took place at the Mandarine Park.

Starting on an unusual time for the porteños, the doors opened around 7 pm. Located in a privileged location right next to the river and with the sun beginning to fade, the warm-up was played by German DJ, Butch. In a presentation that was developed going from less to more but always with a good rhythm, the renowned artist did a great job for the anxious crowd.

Very comfortable on the decks, he displayed different beats moving from powerful house to tech sounds and supported by pleasant visuals. Throughout his presentation the audience increased, everyone looking for a place on the large outdoor dancefloor. After doing a proper warm up, Butch ended his session around 10:30 pm with the applause of an avid and happy crowd that received the night’s first dose of dance.

Acclaimed and with a full dancefloor – as expected – the big man began to play his brand-new track ‘Amanecer’ letting know the audience that it was his turn to take control. The public’s reaction was instantaneous and it wasn’t for less, the musical artillery was devastating. With his characteristic sound and groove, it was impossible to stay still as he played with excellent transitions and minimal errors. The musical vibe was on top throughout the night, always making us fall into his beats-trap. In a specific moment we could go deep, evolving strongly to abrupt slopes, then an explosion will follow finding ourselves intensely dancing once again. That was his game and the public was totally into it.

Entirely true to his style, the charismatic leader of the Diynamic Music label used excellent house and techno elements through the night, combining them, with mainstream sounds as well, which perhaps could disguise the most purists. However, the people knew that he was moving forward, totally involving the crowd into his mood.

With some ‘bombs’ and other own’s classics like ‘Zombienation‘ or his ‘Age of Love‘ remix the 5- hour presentation was devastating and with an unstoppable groove. The ideal weather closed the show’s frame for an undisputed Solomun, that ignited a party with a lot of dancing and powerful music.

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