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21 EG staff-selected mixes from 2021

Over 15 years, EG has brought you exclusive mixes from legendary artists, globetrotting DJs, and some of the most exciting future talents from every corner of the world, bringing our followers closer to the sound they love. A monumental collection of music that includes a myriad of genre-oriented and label-driven series, of which EG is most proud. A testament to the evolution of the sound of electronic music in all its form, these are the 21 mixes that have been rocking the EG headquarters during 2021.

01. BAR 25 Music Series | Brian Cid

02. EG.858 Borella

03. EG AFTER.077 Captain Mustache

04. EG SPOTLIGHT.154 Claudio Gasparini

05. EGE.182 Ditian

06. EG.854 Elif

07. Blessed Cross Series | Giangi Cappai

08. Armigé Agency Series | Joeski

9. EG.856 Laurence Matte

10. EGE.187 LIZA

11. EG.865 Mark Farina

12. EGE.200 Martin Garcia

13. EGLO.047 Marttinez

14. EG SPOTLIGHT.152 Maze

15. EG AFTER.081 Nandu

16. EG AFTER.070 Nōpi 

17. EG SPOTLIGHT.167 NuKreative

18.  EG TECHNO.063 Petar Dundov

19. EGLO.043 Sebastian Rex

20. EG TECHNO.069 Steve Rachmad

21. EG Label Series | Sudbeat Music

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