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EG LABEL SERIES | Sudbeat Music

Mixed by Hernan Cattaneo

01. Petar Dundov – Intiwatana (Original Mix) – Sudbeat Music
02. Luka Sambe – Pari -Sudbeat Music
03. Sebastian Busto – Dancing Flower (Original Mix) – Sudbeat Music
04. Luka Sambe – Combina -Sudbeat Music
05. Petar Dundov – Euklidia (Original Mix) – Sudbeat Music
06. Randall Jones – 64Malibu (Original Mix) – Sudbeat Music
07. Forerunners – Fear is the Mind Killer (Original Mix) – Sudbeat Music
08. Weekend Heroes – Redstone (Original Mix) – Sudbeat Music
09. Jamie Stevens – 4 Shadows (Original Mix) – Sudbeat Music
10. Graziano Raffa – The Only Way (Original Mix) – Sudbeat Music
11. Nick Varon & Gespona – Yugen (Original Mix) – Sudbeat Music
12. John Cosani – Hericium (Original Mix) – Sudbeat Music
13. A-Jay (SL) – Chiaroscuro (Original Mix) – Sudbeat Music
14. Ezequiel Arias – Far Above The World (Original Mix) – Sudbeat Music

Global in ethos, South American in spirit, Sudbeat the label from Argentina’s traveling electronic ambassador Hernan Cattaneo. Many months in the making and the product of two decades playing the world’s most important festivals & finest dancefloors, Cattaneo’s Sudbeat will showcase sounds from established producers, untapped talent, South American innovators, and Hernan himself.

Listen to one of Hernan’s own perfectly constructed sets and you will hear no emphasis on genre or style — instead, the focus is on musical depth and quality. The sound of Sudbeat will follow a similar path.

Be it the deepest grooves, the most hypnotic progressive, or melodic techno, every colour of quality modern club music will be represented as Hernan strives to cast light on the many vibrant global sounds he encounters each week.

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