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EGLO.047 Marttinez

After moving to Santa Catarina (BR), Marttinez was developing his own style influenced by artists who passed by the region where he lived, as well as his vast musical research. With an idea about musical taste based on artists like Cid Inc., Guy J, Hernan Cattaneo, and Khen to name a few, he returned to his hometown, where he seeks to foster the music scene through the “Loud” collective and with the weekly podcast InProgress.

It can be seen that his sets are very characteristic, he always seeks to present a set rich in melody and groove, creating emotional charges and providing the audience with a musical journey. He has performed in Santa Catarina, Brasília, Goiás, and São Paulo, including a memorable performance at the renowned club D-Edge.

01. Astropilot & Andrew Odd – Eternity
02. Weval – Doesn’t Do Anything
03. Charlie Pec – Of trip to the Tornado ( Tribute to Master Jonsi )
04. The Amygdala – The Kelebian
05. Stage Van H – Say Thank You (Original Mix)
06. Ilya Gerus – Clever (Original Mix)
07. Roman Kandel – Rayos En La Niebla (Original Mix)
08. Mariano Montori – On The Road (Slow Mix)
09. Asura – Altered State (Album Edit)
10. Mikasi Project feat. ZAY – Drubatu (Original Mix)
11. Soda Stereo – En Remolinos (Waldeep Unofficial Remix )
12. The Doors – The End (Haugli Edit)
13. Askoui, Mogio – Beyond (Original Mix)

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