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Alex Galvan & Filizola – New Soul – Soviett Records

Alex Galvan & Filizola – New Soul – Soviett Records

Infused with tropical serenity, ‘New Soul’, Alex Galvan’s and Filizola’s latest collaborative effort, takes a laid-back approach to house music and lets the beat ride along waves of percussion while a simple, yet engaging, melody leads the way. The title track of their latest EP, released on the tail end of July by Soviett Records, the collection also includes two remixes by Domestic Technology and Iner.

By now, we’re well-acquainted with Alex Galvan‘s and Filizola‘s joint sound, a combination of big house beats and funky instrumentation with a distinct Latin-American flavor at its core. While their previous EP ‘2 Da Beat’ relied on a more classic- house style, with vocal hooks and big-room sound, ‘New Soul’ keeps things sparse, focusing on percussion and a simple melody that recalls a sort of tropical nostalgia. While more relaxed than the duo’s previous work, this tune nevertheless carries a killer beat and features another one of Filizola’s trademark guitar licks.

Domestic Technology’s Coma Dog Remix drapes the original with a vintage sheen, giving it a slower, more deliberate rhythm, and filling the ambiance with rich textures and shimmering melodies. By progressively piling layer upon layer of synth pads and effects, the tune takes the original elements into overdrive, resulting in an enveloping, emotional version of the tune.

Last but not least, Iner’s Acid 90’s Remix takes the track into acid-house territory by giving it a jittery, broken beat and laying a squelching acid line on top. By stripping the tropical stylings of the original but keeping some of its atmospheric quality, the rework gives a familiar feeling but is otherwise a completely different interpretation, which makes it a perfect addition to the EP.

The release is already available. Grab your copy here.

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