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Brazilian duo TEGRON share their ‘Dark Lullaby’ EP

Pure hardcore and industrial techno.

The Brazilian electronic music duo TEGRON makes their debut in great fashion through their ‘Dark Lullaby’ EP. Jorge and Natan are very intimate with sounds around dark, hard and industrial techno, are also co-founders of the label party Phobia Project. This EP redefines their most disquieting sonic desires, leaving noisy elements and dynamic percussion permeating strong and absorbed beats.

TEGRON’s ‘Dark Lullaby’, which was released on Spotify (by Konsep Records) and Bandcamp (via O.Mentalix) and which has a deliciously creepy sample from the lullaby ‘Rock-a-bye Baby’, has been further remixed by producer Dostroic, who created his version driven by hypnotic sounds amid elements of the original track.

Watch a studio teaser for TEGRON’s ‘Dark Lullaby’ EP below, and purchase your copy of the EP here.


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