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Diynamic presents a new edition of ‘Picture’, featuring Tunnelvisions

The release will be available in mid-July. 

Diynamic Music has a new installment on its ‘Pictures’ series, this time led by the Tunnelvisions duo. Through 6 tracks, Raynor de Groot and Emiel van den Dungen showcase the colorful, emotional, psychedelic and melodic sound that has characterized them since their formation in 2016.

Since its inception, the label has portrayed in this series a kind of archive that shows the current style of an artist or that even goes back to a specific period in their careers, so the listener can ponder on their growth and inspiration in all stages. Some past guests include Lehar, Karmon, Adana Twins, Denis Horvat, Undercatt, Sasha Carassi, or Moscoman.

This new edition of ‘Picture’ will be available on July 15th. Listen to a preview and check the tracklist below.


1. Forever
2. A Thousand
3. Who Are You
4. Tell Me When We’re There
5. Dust Till Dawn
6. Test Tone Control

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