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Dole and Kom first met in 1993 while working as vinyl dealers at Berlin’s Delirium Record Store. Complimentary tastes in music and an evolving friendship led them to play numerous DJ gigs together at the city’s major clubs – including Tresor, E-Werk, and WMF.

Producing under the moniker Club Heroes, their first single “Dum Dum” was released by the Chicago-based Relief Records in 1996. Dole & Kom’s next step was the creation of their own labels: BCC Music and Death by Disco. The project for which the duo is perhaps best known is Studio 45, the alias under which they released tracks through Azuli and Nervous Records. Dole & Kom’s unique, independent approach made them an ideal match for the 3000° collective, performing at the legendary Wanderzirkus, Fusion, the 3000° Festival, and on the 3000° Club Tour.

In the years that followed they released the European club hits “Quetschkommode” on Acker Records, “Phara – Oh” and “Fly Bar” on 3000° Records, and numerous EPs on Voltage Musique or Bondage Music, along with their project New Jack Nation feat. Tyree Cooper on Superfancy Recordings. In “real life” Dole & Kom are music coaches at the Noisy Academy in Berlin where they pass their knowledge of music production on to interested students. They also work for Mixmag Germany writing tech tutorials and reviews. The next step for the two workaholics will be a release on Underyourskin sub Black Hills and new EPs on Material Series and Safe Music ltd.

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