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Hailing from Jordan but with a singular approach to electronic music that has won them fans the world over, Fairplay could soon be making a claim as your new favourite duo. Releasing on labels like Kindisch, Stil Vor Talent, and Bar 25 their approach favours organic sounds, often focussing on the trippy and the obscure, to create deeply layered, spellbinding productions.

Formed of Faisal and Fuad who met in their native Jordan before moving to study in the UK and USA, the duo started out promoting their Kollective Music parties, which welcomed electronic stars like Phonique, DJ T., Subb-An, and Mihai Popoviciu. Buoyed by the success of these events they formed Fairplay and started Djing and producing together.

From the very start, the music they made had always been deep, unpredictable, and evocative, with Fairplay often incorporating Middle Eastern and Arabic sounds and instruments into their productions. A love of both nature and their experiences at festivals like Burning Man has shaped the grooves and melodies of them, resulting in music that feels contemplative, even as it propels you onwards.

2021 activity includes a remix on Keife Records, an EP on Click Records in collaboration with ROTH and Oliver Nagel, and a further EP on Bar 25, as well as gigs across Europe and Jordan.

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