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It all started in Kiel, a small city in northern Germany. Here is where Fritz Wagner and Marc Wolf met and from where their musical journey as Avidus started. First steps where made on the own imprint established 2014 named EMPORE from where their music managed to get the attention of the scenes renowned heavyweights like Damian Lazarus, Tale Of Us, Fur Coat and many more. With releases on labels such as Oddity, Crosstown Rebels, Hommage or Afterlife they already left a mark and they’re now keen to tell the whole story.

Major influences for their music emerge from their duality while both unite as instrumentalists, their approaches to search and experiment in jams differ significantly: Marc, being the designated and longstanding DJ, not only draws inspiration from the dancefloor but also from his self-taught experiences as a drummer and guitarist; Fritz as an autodidact of piano and the sound-engineer of the bunch is eagerly improving his skills in the studio. That’s where they combine both worlds, working on new Avidus material whenever they can. Within their growing EMPORE family, they try to keep doing what they do and not to loose the standards they’ve had since day one.

01. Aldebaran – Volo Onirico
02. Denis Horvat – Majestic Owl
03. Paul Schmidpeter – Dead Heat
04. Th3 Oth3r, Luka Garcia & Will Champlin – My Own World (Toto Chiavetta)
05. – unknown ID –
06. Invōker – Moments (Aera Remix)
07. Barnt – You Know What’s Gone
08. Modeselektor – Kupfer (EXTLP Version)
09. Glowal – Even
10. ALMA (GER) – Lost In The Stars (Avidus Remix)

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