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EGLO.058 Peter Kruder

Peter Kruder and Roberto Di Gioia’s latest album  ,,——–,,  is available for pre-orderThe vinyl release is on May 28th.

Peter Kruder is a Viennese artist, producer, and DJ who is widely regarded as a legendary figure in electronic music. He gained popularity with the release of the “G-Stoned” EP (G-Stone, 1994), which he created with his partner Richard Dorfmeister as Kruder and Dorfmeister. Together, they are known for producing outstanding quality sound coupled with the taste and style of their DJ sets.

Kruder and Dorfmeister’s releases, “DJ Kicks” (!K7, 1996) and “K&D Sessions” (!K7, 1998), are considered pioneering in electronic music and have been global bestsellers. The sound that they formulated became known as “downtempo,” which showcased that electronic music could embody sensuality and deep soulfulness. Their music has a longevity and highly influential legacy that shows no signs of fading.

In addition to his partnership with Dorfmeister, Kruder has always followed his solo projects. His highly acclaimed debut album “Peace Orchestra” was released in 1999, which combined the dark musical sensuality of Central Europe with a granulated mix of soul, hip hop, jazz, and dub music. Kruder has produced various artists and released various singles under his own name on labels such as Gigolo Records, Macro, 2DIY4, and the Compost Black Label.

Kruder has been spinning professionally as a DJ since the 1990s, and he has almost three decades of club experience nurtured by innumerable legendary gigs in all corners of the world. He is now internationally known for his impeccably mixed and originally selected DJ sets.

Kruder is still actively involved in music and currently honours his craft daily in his studio. He is also still DJing in various clubs and festivals worldwide. In 2017, he received The Golden Medal of Honour from his hometown, Vienna.

01. Vangelis / Irene Papas – The Roots
02. John Lennon – Words Of Wisdom
03. August Rosenbaum – Nebula
04. URBS – Woodwind
05. State Azure – In The Air Tonight (Ambient Reinvention )
06. Conic Rose – Heller Tag
07. Satoshi & Makoto – Crepuscule Leger
08. Salamanda – No Vacation
09. Andrew Wasylyk – In Balgay Silouhettes
10. Carlos Maria Trindade / Nuno Canavarro – Blu Terra
11. Birds of Grundsteingasse
12. Catching Flies – Satisfied (Ambient Reprise)
13. Chopstick & Johnjon – Roots (Acoustic Version)
14. Kruder / Di Gioia – Rache
15. Wojciech Karolak – Goodbye

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