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Gorje Hewek shares his 5 favorite memories from the All Day I Dream parties

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Lee Burridge’s All Day I Dream has announced its own festival as he brings together the ADID family from around the world and an eclectic mix of live acts. The 4-day music, art & culture festival will take place from May 12th-15th, 2022 at Oakland’s Woodward Reservoir.

Aided by the idyllic surroundings of California’s Woodward ReservoirADID will be showcasing the talents of Lee Burridge alongside Little DragonPoolsideRy XCubicolorGHEISTGuy GerberJan BlomqvistMatthew DekayÖona DahlSébastien LégerYokoOGorje HewekTim GreenRoy RosenfeldFacundo Mohrr, Flowers On MondayLost DesertBona Fide, and more.

As everyone gears up for the festival, Gorje Hewek shares his 5 favorite memories from the ADID events:

1. My one of the very first ADID show, at Woogie Weekend festival in California. A huge storm came after the first hour of my set. And I continued to play for 20-30 minutes more until the mixer was broken because of rain. The stage manager held an umbrella over me and the dance floor quickly turned into a lake. My main motivation to keep playing was people, who didn’t even think to leave. My love to all of you! Later locals explained to me that rain was like a blessing in that area, because a week before there were fires due to a long drought. Epic show!

2. ADID at 338 London in 2019. Probably the loudest crowd I ever remember at ADID, from the begging till the very end. Still remember it like it was yesterday. Fantastic atmosphere, London showed so much love that day.

3. ADID in Warung, Brazil. Obviously, it’s always expected in such a venue to have one of the best shows. But it was a pleasure to play there under the clouds as well. Great synergy all the time.

4. Golden Gate Park in San Francisco in 2021. My first ADID show after the pandemic and it was like a flight to the Moon.. one way, then just space! The team often chooses different unusual and amazing places, but there is always a special feeling in this Park. Later in the evening, I remembered again Hemingway’s quote: “The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco”.

5. Fair to say, all other ADID shows around the world. Infinitely love each of them, always unique, exciting, creative, and fun. Every single time heading there, I jump on a plane with a smile.

You can learn more about the All Day I Dream Festival and purchase your tickets here.

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