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Hayden James and Gorgon City share details about their new colaboration

DJ, songwriter, and producer Hayden James recently returned with his first single of 2021, the moody house track ‘Foolproof,’ (released on Postiva /Future Classic), a collaboration with revered dance duo Gorgon City and singer-songwriter Nat Dunn.

We caught up with Hayden James and Gorgon City to discuss their collaboration with Nat Dunn, the challenges of working in lockdown, and what they are planning for the rest of 2021

Electronic Groove: Hi, guys, thank you for taking the time to do this interview. First of all how and where did you guys first meet?

Hayden James: Thanks for the invite. We met in Australia in January 2019 when we were playing a couple of festivals together. These shows were the last shows we played before lockdown.

Gorgon City: We met Nat (Dunn) a few years ago when we worked on our song ‘Real Life’ and became good friends! We then met Hayden properly on tour and got on really well too. Both are absolute legends!

EG: How did you come to collaborate on the single ‘Foolproof’?

Hayden James: We got to spend a couple of days in Sydney together in the studio with Nat Dunn. We wrote the sketch of ‘Foolproof’ in a couple of hours together. It felt very natural.

Gorgon City: We were all in Sydney at the same time and decided to get in the studio. It was a really fun couple of days and ‘Foolproof’ was the result.

EG: Was it difficult working/producing with you both being on opposite sides of the world?

Hayden James: Absolutely. I was in Sydney, Nat in Brisbane, Kye in Chicago, and Matt in London. We passed the session files around the world quite a few times over months and months, hah.

Gorgon City: After the initial session there was a lot of back and forth and yeah it made it a little complicated once we got to like version ten. But all was cool in the end.

EG: What did you enjoy about all working together?

Hayden James: I’ve been a big fan of Gorgon City since I started writing music. ‘Ready For Your Love‘ is a favorite of mine. I love the guys’ bold production.. and the ‘Gorgon bass line’ vibe is strong in every release. It was also amazing to work with Nat Dunn again. She’s one of the most talented people I’ve ever worked with. Nat nailed this one.

Gorgon City: Just that we all get on so well as mates, it makes it a lot of fun to work together. Also, we all have our skills so when we’re together we can get stuff done nice and quick.

“I’ve been a big fan of Gorgon City since I started
writing music” –
Hayden James

EG: Who did what on this particular track? Did you allocate certain parts of the track individually, or did manage to work remotely together in another way?

Hayden James: We all came up with the main piano and synths all together in the room which I think helps so much. All being together figuring it out creates that vibe you need to all be on the same page. Once we built the structure of the song and Nat wrote the vocal, we spent time apart working on different production elements. I was working on the arps, strings, synth stuff and the Gorgon boys worked on the bassline and drum work. We all touched every element of the track though… I think the more hands-on collaborations are, the better. Really highlights everybody’s artistic approach.

Gorgon City:  We all added different elements, then we changed them a few times and all kept tweaking the track until we were all happy. It was defo a team effort!

EG: What was the inspiration and goal for this release beyond the music?

Hayden James: It was such a weird time in the world when we were finishing off this record… You couldn’t see family or friends, everything was closed..but there was still light, however dim.

Nat Dunn: ‘Foolproof‘ is about an unanticipated romance set in a world where I was moving so fast for so long – I hadn’t stood still for some time. It was the anchoring effect of love, that felt like anything was possible. It was ‘Foolproof’.

Gorgon City: Hopefully to play more shows together and one day perform the tune live too!

EG: Who would be your dream collaboration if you could have anyone, dead or alive?

Hayden James: Pharell Williams. Being in a room with that energy would be a dream. I don’t even know what we would come up with but that’s why I love the idea.

Gorgon City: For us would be Prince.

EG: Tell us about what you have been doing during lockdown to keep busy.

Hayden James: Writing music every day! Cooking a lot and mountain bike riding!

Gorgon City: Lots of exercises, studio, and cooking. Also, I have a little baby to look after so a lot of ‘Daddying’.

“We all get on so well as mates it makes it a lot of fun to work together” – Gorgon City

EG: What have you missed most in the last year?

Hayden James: Travelling around the world playing music to people. I miss the connection…

Gorgon City: Touring.

EG: What have you both got prepared for the coming months?

Hayden James: Lots of new music coming out 🙂 I’ve been collaborating with a couple more artists that I can’t believe I’ve been able to write with. PUMPED to share with you all.

Gorgon City: Loads of new music coming! Also some really exciting tour announcements

Hayden James & Gorgon City featuring Nat Dunn ‘Foolproof’ is out now on Positiva / Future Classic. Stream and buy here.

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